Unleash the power of A.I. Networking
To grow your business.

Helping members Intelligently connect, promote business, exchange knowledge & best practices. To grow their business & network.

B2B Communities

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Easily automate intelligent, 1-on-1 introductions by asking the questions that matter most to your members.

You know your members best, choose how to introduce them. Each community created through Vertex A.I. Connects utilizes its own A.I. matching engine designed by you! Your algorithm is the primary way your attendees are introduced, communicate and view information.

  • Design an A.I. matching engine that makes quality intros.

  • Ensure each introduction meets your event’s goals.

  • Eliminate searching, spamming & lackluster engagement.

Creating a networking community is easy! We’ll place your organizations unique brand front & center.

Vertex can help you create a uniquely branded networking community, for your organization, that ensures meeting the right colleagues is never left to chance!
  • Choose your colors, upload your logos, pick your URLs.
  • Single sign-on support
  • Link your event’s blog, news & media.
  • Interface with user profiles & posting.
  • You can create one or many A.I. networking communities with Vertex. Setup takes less than an hour!

Design your A.I. Matching Engine!

Launch an automatic A.I. networking community for your organization's members who can’t always meet face to face.

ai networking

How would you like your members to be introduced?

The best part about the A.I. Engine is your ability to design the matching process. Craft valuable introductions using topics that matter to your members.

What Criteria should we keep in mind when making your matches?

Think of your A.I. matching engine as a supercharged assessment! Create then rank both the questions & answers that reveal the needs of your members.

Which group of members would you like to participate?

Create one or many separate A.I. networking communities with Vertex- each utilizing their own A.I. matching engine. Lay a solid foundation for your members success!

Your A.I. matching engine is always collecting feedback to improve your members networking experience.

Following each introduction, we ask participants to provide confidential feedback. This refinement is instrumental when developing each person’s unique networking persona.

Understand the real-time needs of your members. Constantly make small course corrections to help your members meet colleagues who have the answers they need. Automate follow-up reminders for helpful colleagues. Engage with your attendees in a meaningful way!

In addition to valuable introductions, allow your A.I. matching engine to pinpoint topics & support engaging conversations within interest groups you create!

Connect your members around the topics that interest them. Subscribe to internal discussion groups, digest popular topics & highlight your rockstar influencers!

  • Easily create public and(or) private discussion groups within your networking communities.
  • Track comments, likes, shares & follow-ups.
  • Promote relevant discussions to your members via email.
  • Highlight your community’s influence’s.
  • Allow your attendees to share in common interest effortlessly.

Understand the "networking heartbeat" of your community!

View your community’s administrative dashboard to uncover the networking interests, trending topics, cultural needs, and group dynamics of your members.

Let our members networking inform your decision making.

When it comes to your member’s needs, you don’t know what you don’t know. Let our platform help track and pinpoint overlooked opportunities inside your organization.

Put your organizations data to work or start from scratch!

Create or update your A.I. matching engine at any time to use existing data from your organization or start from scratch and collect new insights!

Keeping Our Users Data Secure!

Vertex & it's A.I. engine partner complies with the the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework as set forth by the US Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use, and retention of personal information from European Union members countries.