ESports, ESports Investing

Investing in the ESports Industry

What Investors Should Consider Before Investing in the Esports IndustryStocks of esports companies are benefitting from rising investor attention. The dramatic growth of esports as a spectator sport, entertainment, and even a gaming outlet makes the attention they’re getting justified.Recent statistics on electronic sports (sometimes written e-sports or esports) show
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401K investments

Alternative Investments and 401(k) Plans

Alternative Investments Will be Allowed in Defined Contribution Retirement Portfolios Will retirement planners be comfortable with investments that are not regulated by the SEC? The participants of defined benefit pension funds have long enjoyed the potential for higher returns in alternative investments. So why haven’t these investment options been included
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Advertising Budgets are Going Where the Eyes Are

Ten years ago 15% of Ad Money was Spent on Internet Ads, Guess what that Percentage is Today?Soap operas, magazines, TV sports, local radio; they all allow niche target-advertising.  But, their slice of the advertising-dollar pie is shrinking precipitously. This trend has been in place for a while and still
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