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Identity Resolution, Identifying Customers across Multiple Devices & Touchpoints.

By: Peter Spoleti, Vertex Markets Inc. | September 21, 2020 …Identity resolution helps marketers be sure about who’s on the other end of a browser, mobile app, or location.  Accurate identity resolution allows companies to create a true single view of their customers…  Your Clients are using multiple devices. In the
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Getting the Most out of Holding A Virtual Event!

“…how do you create a multi-day conference, which includes networking opportunities, educational sessions, attendee input, with data generated into a virtual event?  Then after you do, how do you ensure attendee engagement throughout your even?” Event Technology will take your Virtual Event to the next level!The value of face to
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Generate leads with a Digital Sales Funnel During and after COVID 19

While sales for many have slowed during this pandemic, there are still ways to generate leads that will get you through these tough times and set you up for success after this pandemic has ended. It isn’t just the retail sector that have seen their sales decline during this pandemic
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Online Networking

Tips on Getting the Most Out of Online Networking

Networking has always been a necessary activity for all salespeople, business development professionals, business owners and many other departments in most businesses. We will all agree that business is an interactive and social venture whether it takes place in person or online.  Very few businesses could survive without their employees

SEO for small businesses to increase profits & organic search results

 SEO Strategies to increase profits and organic search results.By: Peter Spoleti, July 23, 2020 SEO is be a big piece of the puzzle on how well your business performs during and after COVID-19. People visiting your website will largely determine how successful it will be.  You might have an amazing business