Gamestop_short squeeze

The Polarized Opinions Surrounding the GameStop Short Squeeze Gamestop (GME) short-sellers have been handed a lesson in taking on a short position without a plan. At least that’s one way to look at what’s being called the most painful short-squeeze in history. But there are many ways to look at

bitcoin, digital currency

Is the Bitcoin FOMO Trade Unwinding? Bitcoin has been getting crushed. Cryptocurrency traders are now asking, is Bitcoin a buy? Should we sell Bitcoin? Will the new White House usher in more stringent rules? Will the fear of higher taxes drive up the popularity of cryptocurrency, and will crypto benefit

Investing, small caps

Is the Post-Pandemic Recovery Move into Small-Cap Stocks? The Russell 1000 Index, a subset of the Russell 3000 Index, represents the top 1000 companies by market capitalization in the United States. The public companies within the measure add about 92% of the total  market capitalization of the full 3000 largest corporations. The market

Stock Market Experts

Last Year’s Market Predictions – What was the Final Batting Average? Here’s a look back to see how the experts’ projections stood up in the topsy turvy year of 2020. We unearthed a December 19, 2019 article on Yahoo by Emily McCormick that highlighted the 2020 predictions of 23 Wall Street

Robinhood trading

A complaint against Robinhood has been filed by the state of Massachusetts. The action is based on a new state law that it began to enforce in September. This filing comes in the same week that the self-directed brokerage firm settled a suit with the SEC by paying $65 million.

Stock Market Outperform 2021

With the S&P 500 climbing to a new all-time closing high of 3,735.36, what are the stock market valuation indicators tell us? Although 2020 has been an outlier year in many ways, the S&P 500 is up over 70% from its March 23rd pandemic lows, and year-to-date, the index has risen