Yield farming is the emerging trend in the crypto world that has grabbed the attention of many cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It looks very promising and is now considered one of the most popular ways of generating rewards with cryptocurrency holdings.The crypto space is not only about bitcoin. New multiple strategies and

Business Cash Flow Management

Your Business Cash Flow,  just like roller coasters experiences peaks that seem to pierce the clouds, to only then see dizzying descents that make you sick. You climb into the car, clutching the harness, and off you go. Then despite all that you saw beforehand, the highs and lows still

Business Financing

Vertex Markets, a business consulting firm and A.I. B2B networking community, headquartered in Long Island, New York, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with National Business Capital, A premier & leading fintech lending marketplace to provide streamlined high-tech access to the best small business financing options for your business

commercial finance

Author, Joe Camberato, CEO National Business Capital & Services.  Small Business Loan Underwriting Guide: What Lenders Look ForFor borrowers unfamiliar with how it works, the process of underwriting small business loans can be shrouded in mystery. After submitting the initial application, many small business owners are left in the dark

Afghanistan's Mineral Resources

The Taliban Assumes Stewardship of Afghanistan’s Rich Strategic Mineral Resources Besides leaving the Taliban billions of dollars of military equipment, including aircraft, grenades, firearms, and helicopters, the United States is exiting a country with a rich mineral endowment in terms of metals, minerals, and gemstones and providing an opening for

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are fundamentally automated agreements, stored on a blockchain, between the contract creator and the recipient.  They run when predetermined conditions are met.  They function to automate the execution of an agreement so that all participants can be immediately certain of the outcome, without intermediary’s involvement or time loss. Written