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Build your brand and share your expertise by joining the Vertex Markets contributor program.

At Vertex, we offer educational and business building resources for business owners and entrepreneurs trying to increase their b2b network, and knowledge to better run and grow their small or medium-sized business. Powered by A.I. technology and a community of successful and growing business owners, the platform is designed to educate, grow and connect, small & medium business owners, industry experts and vendors through cutting edge A.I. technology, tools and relevant & educational content. We pride ourselves on featuring relevant informative & educational content, proven strategies and trusted information. You could be the source for that relevant and authoritative content if you join our contributor program.

The Vertex Contributor Program?

The Vertex contributor program is a unique A.I. platform and community designed to bring industry experts and business owners together.  Our platform uses A.I. matching technology to help your content get to interested parties. Industry experts & academics, at no cost to them.  You can submit original content to be considered for publication on our site and posted to our private communities.  Our goal at, is to provide quality, relevant, informative and educational content for our visitors and community members.  We also believe that the best advice comes from those who have had the successes and made the mistakes and learned from them.

Benefits of becoming a contributor.

  • Expand your outreach. Content published through our contributor program is shared with a data base of 100,000-plus  (which is growing every day) and promoted across our communities and social feeds. Published articles are also considered for our targeted content marketing email campaigns.

  • Promote yourself.  Each of your published articles will automatically link to your Vertex community profile, where potential clients, customers or members can choose to contact you directly.

  • Promote your company. As a contributor we allow one link to your company’s website in every article you create. This will help drive traffic to your page, but it will also help you build your brand.

  • Help others. Our mission is to help people grow their business. By sharing informative, relevant, educational content, general business advice Your expertise, can help others grow.

How do I Become a contributor?

First you’ll need to be a member of one of our Vertex A.I. Communities.
If you’re not a member you can easily join for free by clicking below.
As a community member your eligible to be a contributor.

Who Makes a Good Contributor?

At Vertex, we’re always looking for new relevant content on small & medium business issues, best practices, and new tools to help run and grow their business. Tell us about your successes, failures, and business experiences so other business owners can learn how to grow, through the expertise you’ve achieved, during your career. Our goal is to publish only high-quality, educational, and relevant content to our small & medium business community. To help us ensure you’re the right fit, please take the time to complete the application below. It will provide us with a better understanding of your writing style and understand what original ideas you can offer our community.
Reach over 100K+
Become a Vertex Contributor
Our Communities connect business professionals together
To help grow their business. With Educational Content and relevant advice