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The SBA Express Loan, Not Your Grandfather’s SBA Loan


SBA Express Loans
Fund Your Small Business with an SBA Express Loan

If you’re ready to grow your business and take it to the next level, we have the financing vehicle to get you there. At Vertex Markets, we take pride in our consultative method of guiding you through the process of securing an SBA Express loan for your business a direct, swift, and straightforward process. Helping owners understand all there is to know about the SBA Express loans, is a quick and easy method of getting you the financing your business needs, to meet is current and future goals. With an expert SBA team of lending, professionals helping you secure the financing that may have thought was too difficult or took too long to get is now at your fingertips! 

SBA Express loans are a simple way to receive expedited, amortized SBA government-guaranteed financing for your business, up to $350,000 through either a term loan or line of credit. This capital may be used for many business purposes. The SBA Express loan has a remarkably fast turnaround time for approval, it also provides lenders the willingness to advance funds. Due to a guarantee of 50% of the loan amount to third-party lenders by the Small Business Administration, this loan may be the best option for business owners who don’t meet the lending criteria of traditional financial institutions, or who are lacking in credit history.

Some of the criteria of the SBA Express Loan.

  • Maximum loan amount: $350,000
  • Interest rate: Between Prime +4.5 and Prime +6.5 (determined by the lender, based on the loan amount; can be fixed or variable)
  • Maturity: 5–10 years (7 maximum for a line of credit), or up to 25 years for real estate.
  • Business Acquisition.
  • Partner Buyouts. 
  • Application turnaround time: Within 48 hours
  • Business Debt Consolidation / Refinancing. 
What You Need to Know About SBA Express Financing

SBA Express loans are a part of the government’s SBA Loan Guarantee Program. Though similar to the SBA 7(a) loan, which offers up to $5 million and has a guarantee of up to 85% of the loan amount, the “express” loan sets itself apart by being approved or denied within 36 hours, and funded shortly after that. A far cry from the notoriously grueling process surrounding the SBA 7(a) loan, which requires lengthy application paperwork and even longer lead times for approvals or denials. That’s why we break down the entire process in detail, to help get prospective borrowers up to speed and ready to secure the funding they desire. We want our clients to apply for their SBA Express loans with the highest confidence, backed by the knowledge of our lending specialists.

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Acceptable Uses For SBA Express Loan Proceeds;

The SBA has limitations on how the Express loan funds can be used by the business, such as;

  • Providing long-term working capital
    Accounts payable, inventory, and other operational expenses 

  • Short-term working capital
    Seasonal financing, contract performance, construction financing, and/or export

  • Purchasing real estate

  • Purchasing equipment, furniture, machinery, supplies, and materials

  • Covering construction and/or renovation costs

  • Establishing or acquiring a new business, or expanding an existing business

  • Refinancing existing business debt 

Got any further questions or concerns regarding these rules? Talk to your lender or one of our lending professionals at any time.


Why Choose an SBA Express Loan over Other Forms of Financing?

SBA Express Loans

SBA loans were shied away from by business owners in the past, the SBA Express loan is not to be undervalued and is currently a great solution for business owners.  The SBA Express is a sound solution when comes to low rates, turnaround time after applying, and ease of application. Plus, the SBA guarantee to third-party lenders ensures a higher approval rate—even for those who, in the past, had difficulty getting approved for financing.   

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